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Water can accumulate beneath your foundation walls, in your basement, and around the perimeter of your home. This can cause structural damage as well as dangerous and unpleasant damp and mold issues in your life. Kitchener Waterproofing in Ontario can provide a comprehensive range of waterproofing and water management solutions.

Weeping tiles, which are corrugated piping systems, can be used to redirect water away from your house. This is a high-quality water-control solution. It isn't waterproofing, but it ensures that water is rapidly directed and pushed away from your home, preventing dampness.

Not only do our Kitchener waterproofing contractors install interior and outdoor weeping tiles, but we also repair them. Most homeowners view weeping tile repair as the first option, but it isn't always a practical solution. In some cases, the pipes can be severely damaged, making repairs incredibly expensive. Other times, the chances of the damage recurring are very high. In such circumstances, installing a new system is the better option.

Weeping tile installation is not a DIY project. Excavation around the foundation and removal of old tiles are part of the process before installing new ones. Because your foundation is at risk, even the slightest error could cause serious damage. Our installers will excavate carefully and evaluate the foundation for any indicators of difficulties. We inspect the surrounding region for any defects before beginning our weep tile services.

Whether you need weeping tile repair or installation, Kitchener Waterproofing is a company you can trust. With our knowledge and experience, we can assess the situation and determine the best service for your property.

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Interior Weeping Tile Installation

Installing interior weeping tiles is a low-cost way to keep your basement warm and dry. Many people like it because it requires little labour and is inexpensive to complete. Unlike exterior weeping tiles, there is no need for excavation as well. 

Interior weeping tiles are another term for internal perimeter drain systems. They deal with water that enters through walls, gaps and cracks, or up through floor slabs.

We will tear down stud walls and dig a small trench around the perimeter of your structure. The piping can then be installed in the trench. We drill weeping holes in the concrete walls to let water drain out and into the system.

Drainage is typically linked to an underfloor sump pump and discharge pipe. Everything can be kept beneath the floor and behind walls to keep your basement looking great.

Exterior Weeping Tile Installation

Because they are less expensive and require less effort, interior weeping tile solutions are popular.

However, exterior weeping tile installation adds another layer of defence by preventing water from entering your walls in the first place. When combined with exterior waterproofing, weeping tile installation on the outside of the structure is the best long-term solution for protecting your property. The disadvantage is the cost, as exterior approaches require extensive excavations.

Outside weeping tiles are installed in the same manner as interior weeping tiles, but they are intended to dispose of groundwater that collects around your foundation's footing.

Around the footing, we excavate down to the base of your foundation walls. The piping is then installed and covered. The system may be linked to a sump pump in your basement at times, but more often than not, the drainage will run around the outside of your house, carrying the water to a storm sewer.

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