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Full-Service Interior Basement Waterproofing in Kitchener, Ontario

Interior waterproofing is a cost efficient and great way to protect your basement from the inside. It redirects water that has seeped into basement areas out and away from the house. Interior drainage systems are made up of pipes and drains that are placed beneath the foundation to collect excess groundwater or to absorb leaks. This surplus water is sent to a sump pit, which is essentially a huge basin in your basement that retains water. 

Another option is a sump pump, which is a water pump that sits inside the sump pit and pumps water out of the basement and away from your property. Sump pumps normally begin pumping water when a specific level in the sump pit is reached. Most sump pumps have a backup battery to ensure that they can continue to function even if the power goes out.

When it comes to interior basement waterproofing, there are several options. Investing in a robust internal waterproofing system will considerably reduce the likelihood of a basement flood and leaks. Vapour barriers are a popular approach for waterproofing the inside of foundations. They are constructed of plastic or foil sheets and are installed around the walls of your basement to keep moisture out. For help with interior waterproofing in Kitchener, contact our team today.

If you are in need of interior waterproofing or have questions regarding our services, contact Kitchener Waterproofing today. We are confident in our Kitchener interior waterproofing solutions and will gladly go over your questions and concerns.

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interior waterproofing solutions
interior waterproofing solutions

Kitchener Waterproofing

Leaking Basement Repair Services

If you are experiencing a leaky basement, there are a number of potential problems. Most commonly we see that water is seeping through little cracks between the slab and the walls. These two pieces of concrete are formed at different times during home construction and don't seal water out very well. We can do a free on-site consultation to investigate the cause of the leaks and discuss with you the best next steps.

Another top source for a leaky basement is foundation cracks. A simple and cost effective remedy is to inject an epoxy into the crack to seal the water out. Epoxy also has some (small) flexibility so if your foundation settles a little it won't result in leaks right away. A more robust, long term, guaranteed solution is to completely waterproof the walls from the inside or the outside. This is a more extensive procedure but will have the best results: a dry, comfortable basement and often increased property value.

Kitchener Internal Basement Waterproofing

We specialize in all things waterproofing. For help with a leaky basement, contact Kitchener Waterproofing today.

Different Internal Waterproofing Solutions

The vast majority of homes in Kitchener, ON, lack waterproofing, which would protect your things and property from water damage. The good news is that if you want to waterproof your basement from the inside, you have a lot of options. These are some examples:

French Drains

French drains are one of the most effective techniques of internally waterproofing your basement. These drains open up the basement floor, allowing any water that enters to travel along streams. This prevents water from collecting in your flooring's corners or low spots. Once the water has been redirected, a sump pump will pump it out of your basement and away from the foundation of your home. Professionals can install a French drain and pump into your basement in one to two days. It is important to note that French drains are not sump pumps, however the two can be stacked for greater waterproofing.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump, like its French cousin, will remove standing water from your property. Sump pumps, on the other hand, function on a motor and actively work to rid your basement of leaky water. If you want your sump pit to last, you must maintain it.


A dehumidifier is your first line of defence against mold and long-term water damage. A dehumidifier is a device that removes humidity from the air. Once the worst of the humidity has passed, you'll have a dry basement. The type of dehumidifier you install in your home will determine the installation process. We recommend a self-draining unit to eliminate the need to empty buckets or reservoirs.


Another interior waterproofing technique is to seal your basement using a sealing tool. Homeowners should be aware that this is merely a short-term solution to a long-term issue. To waterproof your basement with an interior sealant, run the sealant around the perimeter of your foundation. With the sealant in place, the humidity levels in your basement should fall to the point where water no longer forms quickly, in good or bad weather. Sealing your basement can be done in a matter of hours.

interior waterproofing solutions
interior waterproofing solutions

Kitchener Waterproofing

Invest in Quality Interior Waterproofing in Kitchener

Having a wet basement is a health hazard and is a danger to the structure of your home. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your basement is safe and secure by getting waterproofing installed.

Interior waterproofing is an extremely effective way to eliminate excess moisture from your home. It helps you turn your basement into usable square-footage by removing the chance of leaks. This procedure works by adding drainage to the inside of your residence. Your flooring by the outside walls is torn up and a drainpipe is installed. This drainpipe collects water from under your foundation and reroutes it to the sump pump. The sump pump then disposes of the water far away from the building.

Interior waterproofing should be used when:

  • The exterior method can’t be used due to lack of accessibility outside or for any other reason
  • Pressure is the main cause of the water leakage 
  • You have water leakage and have an unfinished basement (save on money)
  • The interior floors and wall can be easily accessible 
  • Can be completed faster than an external approach

Kitchener Internal Basement Waterproofing

We specialize in all things waterproofing. For help with a leaky basement, contact Kitchener Waterproofing today.

Kitchener Waterproofing Solutions

If you are on our website, chances are you are looking for a basement or waterproofing service. Our team at Kitchener Waterproofing are professionals in the field. We can help you chose and apply the proper waterproofing or basement system to keep your home dry and your wallet happy.

Waterproofing a basement is not an easy task; it requires an experienced team with the appropriate knowledge, tools and products for each project. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality service that will exceed customer expectations. The team at Kitchener Waterproofing has worked with numerous home owners to resolve their waterproofing issues, so whether it is cracks in the foundation or water coming up through the floor, we have seen it all.


Is interior waterproofing effective?Waterproofing a basement from the inside is usually the best option for most homes, owing to the fact that it is less expensive and less disruptive than external excavation.

Does interior waterproofing work?Interior waterproofing, as opposed to exterior waterproofing, pumps out water that has already entered your basement – but it is still a very effective means of keeping your basement dry and secure.

Does interior basement waterproofing work?Interior waterproofing can only be used to eliminate water that has already gathered in your basement; it cannot prevent water from entering the basement in the first place.

How much does interior waterproofing cost?The average cost per square foot ranges from $3 to $10. Minor repairs can cost as little as $600, however extensive and intricate waterproofing jobs might cost as much as $10,000 for some properties.

What can be used to waterproof walls?ISOMAT FLEX COAT is the appropriate solution for protecting exterior surfaces from rain. It is a high-quality, water-soluble paint based on acrylic elastomeric resins. ISOMAT FLEX COAT renders walls completely resistant to rain.

Is the interior varnish waterproof?Yes, varnish is waterproof, and it is a popular wood sealer due to its waterproofing capabilities. There are numerous types of varnish, so choose one based on your demands to get the best results.

Why are my interior walls wet?What factors contribute to condensation? Condensation happens when hot, moist air collides with cold, dry air. Water droplets form on the cool surfaces as a result of this contact (like your walls). This is the type of dampness you'll discover on the bathroom walls after a long, hot shower.

Can waterproofing be done from inside?Both interior and exterior waterproofing have advantages and disadvantages. Interior waterproofing can only be used to eliminate water that has already gathered in your basement; it cannot prevent water from entering the basement in the first place.

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