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5 Big Warning Signs of Foundation Issues

5 Big Warning Signs of Foundation Issues

We’ve seen our fair share of foundation problems as the leading waterproofing specialists in Kitchener foundation repair, restoration, and replacement. With all of these problems, they had one thing in common: the foundation began to show signs of needing repair long before we were hired. Unfortunately, many homeowners and building owners fail to notice the indicators of foundation problems before they become major (and costly) issues. Here are five things to keep an eye out for in order to discover problems before they become serious:

1. Any Distressed Signs on the Foundation

There is a significant probability that there are problems with your foundation if you see any form of crack, buckling, gaps, mold, water stains, flaking concrete, fracture, or even simply little zigzagging lines on the foundation itself. A sturdy foundation is designed to provide long-term support to a large amount of weight, thus there should be no symptoms of damage.

2. Sagging or warping of the interior floors and ceiling

The only surfaces of a building that are parallel to the foundation are the floors and ceiling. As a result, they will reflect whatever is going on with the foundation’s structure. If you notice sinking flooring, it is likely that the foundation is unstable. Ceiling warps frequently disclose the same thing. To detect warping, look for gaps between the ceiling and the walls.

3. Inadequate Water Drainage and Soil Erosion

If the yard around your foundation structure is collecting water or the earth is rapidly shrinking during dry periods, this can be a result of a shifted foundation. Foundation cracks can also lead to decreased soil levels, which is what causes the excess water in the region.

4. Any indication of outside wall damage

Cracks, warps, deterioration, mold, or water stains on the outside walls are almost often the result of foundation problems. Settling can cause walls to lose support, causing them to crack or warp. If you see these symptoms, it signifies that something substantial is happening, because walls are designed to allow for some “give.” Crumbling bricks and cement walls are especially concerning.

5. Excessively Loose or Tight Windows and Doors

When windows and doors are first installed in a structure, they are fitted to the exact position of the walls at that time. If the foundation settles and the walls flex or shift, the windows and doors will no longer fit as snugly. This can cause fractures around window sills and doors, as well as openings that stick or won’t close. Garage doors, attic windows, and vents may all exhibit the same symptoms.

It’s important we check our foundations regularly. If you notice any of the signs above or are looking for foundation repair near me, you’ve come to the right place. At Kitchener Waterproofing, we do all things foundations and basements. Foundation repair Kitchener is a service our contractors excel in. Give us a call and stay ahead of major repair damages in your foundation.

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